100% Kona Coffee - Barrel Aged Unroasted Green Bean

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We take our highest quality 100% Kona Coffee green beans and age them inside the barrels where they absorb all the complex notes of the bourbon and whiskey that is ingrained in the barrel itself.  This infuses flavors of vanilla, oak, caramel, citrus and dry spice into the coffee bean.   

We use only top-shelf, small batch bourbon and whiskey barrels straight from Kentucky, where they have been producing some of the highest rated bourbons and whiskeys in the world. 

All of these beans have been aged in a barrel for at least 120 days, then meticulously stored to ensure freshness.   (1 Pound - 16 oz. Package).


Hawaiian Kona Coffee is world famous for being very flavorful and full-bodied. It is a rich coffee with bold character.

Our estate coffee is grown on a single 10 acre farm located in South Kona, Hawaii. We currently have 3 generations of family members working our farm, everything from planting and picking to roasting and packaging. We do it all in house on our farm, with much care and "Aloha."

Our 100% Kona Unroasted Coffee Green Beans are perfect for home and commercial roasters.

These are our highest grade Kona Typica beans. The the same high-quality coffee beans that we feature in all of our roasts. They have been meticulously stored and packaged to ensure optimal freshness. These beans come directly from our farm allowing you to have the freshest cup of coffee imaginable.

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