“I think Kona Coffee has a richer flavor than any other…”

Mark Twain – (1866)

Kona, Hawaii has been producing the World’s Finest Coffee since 1828 due to the perfect growing conditions found in only one place in the world.  It provides mineral rich volcanic soil, a balanced climate, and the ideal elevation contributing to its one of a kind flavor.

Kona Coffee is considered to be one of the top gourmet coffees of the world because of its high quality, high demand and limited supply.  Pure Kona Coffee makes up less than 1% of the world's total coffee supply. 

The Kona Coffee District is located on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii.  It runs along the slopes of two volcanoes, and is only 1 mile wide and 30 miles long.

Only coffee grown here can be called "Kona Coffee."  It's here that we grow and roast Kona Loft Coffee.

Our strict attention to detail and our strong desire to produce the best possible product is what sets us apart.  We use only the highest grade Kona Typica beans, hand picked at their peak maturity.

Our master roasters use special care to roast our beans to maximum flavor. We offer a pure, 100% Gourmet Kona Coffee that is sure to deliver a special experience to even the most selective connoisseur.
We try to roast each order fresh just before shipping, so that you have the best tasting experience possible. 

We Offer The Following Roasts For Your Coffee:
(whole bean and ground)

- Light Roast -
- Medium Roast -
- Dark Roast -

We continuously sell out of our gourmet coffee.   Check Our Store to make sure we have enough supply for your order.