Barrel Aged

 Start With The Greatest Coffee In The World...

...Then Add Time

Our Barrel Aged line of 100% Kona Coffees are special. 

These beans are Non-Alcoholic, but are truly unique and luxury crafted.  Simply put, this is perfection in a cup.   Meant to be savored and enjoyed with the ones you love, they deliver an all new tasting experience unlike any other Kona Coffee out there.

Our Barrel Aged Coffee starts with the barrels.  We use only top-shelf, small batch bourbon and whiskey barrels straight from Kentucky, where they have been producing some of the highest rated bourbons and whiskeys in the world.

We then take our highest quality 100% Kona Coffee green beans and age them inside the barrels where they absorb all the complex notes of the bourbon and whiskey that is ingrained in the barrel itself.  This infuses flavors of vanilla, oak, caramel, citrus and dry spice into the coffee bean.   

We then small batch roast these beans so that they are the freshest possible and will deliver the most enjoyable experience available.

Unlike any other coffee you have had, take your time to enjoy and savor this coffee experience.