Bourbon Barrel Aged - 100% Kona Coffee

Kona Loft Farms


Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon meets 100% Kona Coffee.  We age our Estate Grown 100% Kona Green Beans in Top-Shelf Bourbon Barrels that have been sourced straight from Kentucky.  The greatest flavors of your favorite bourbon infused directly into the coffee bean.  This is a totally different Kona Coffee Experience.  Silky and smooth, you'll pick up more pronounced velvety notes of vanilla, charred oak, and caramel.

(8 oz. or 16 oz. Package) - This product is non-alcoholic.


One of the most defining characteristics of bourbon is its origin. American-made, Bourbon is an official “Product of the United States.” Only whiskey that’s produced in the United States can be called bourbon. With all of the time, care, dedication, and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of a great bourbon, bourbon represents the true American spirit.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee is world famous for being very flavorful and full-bodied. It is a rich coffee with bold character. Pure Kona Coffee makes up less than 1% of the world's total coffee supply. Due simply to the limited nature of 100% Kona Coffee it is in extreme high demand and well worth the cost due to the elevated quality.

We use only the highest grade Kona Typica beans, hand picked at their peak maturity.  We age these green beans in only Top-Shelf Bourbon Barrels sourced straight from Kentucky, and our master roasters use special care to roast our beans to maximum flavor.  All this care put into this line of coffee shows when you open the bag and are greeted with the rich bourbon aromas of freshly roasted coffee.  

We here at Kona Loft Farms are very proud to continue the rich Hawaiian tradition of being a family owned operation. There are 3 generations at work on every level of the company. We strive to put out a product that at every step was done with care and purpose to add harmony and provide a wonderful drinking experience.